“Sacra Famiglia” was founded by Father Domenico Pogliani (1838-1921), parish priest in Cesano Boscone, under the name “Ospizio Sacra Famiglia per gli incurabili della campagna milanese”. The foundation goal was love. According to his motto “Super Omnia Charitas”, Father Pogliani sought not only corporal love, but also spiritual love, i.e. proximity, friendship and relationship. In few years, the foundation reached a remarkable size (in 1915 already 400 guests were present). In 1916 it became a “moral entity”. After Pogliani had died, his successor, Mons. Luigi Moneta, remarkably expanded the foundation: 18 new wards were opened; the branches in Intra and in Premeno were inaugurated; the houses in Cocquio Trevisago and Andora were bought. In Cesano Boscone, a few services saw the light, i.e. a school, the theatre, workshops, labs and a farm.

In 1955, when Mons. Moneta was succeeded by Mons. Piero Rampi, the guests in the different branches of Sacra Famiglia were almost 3500. Mons. Rampi led the foundation until 1988: during that period, the branch in Regoledo was opened (1965); the present Casa di Cura Ambrosiana was built (1968); the 70s saw the creation of special schools and professional training courses, which led to many social and working placements of the guests. In 1971, Istituto Sacra Famiglia became an Interregional Rehabilitation Centre, and in 1977, a health facility rose in Cesano Boscone.

After Monsignor Rampi, Monsignor Nicora presided over Fondazione for a short time.

From 1989 to 2011, the foundation president was Mons. Enrico Colombo. He proficiently allowed the transformation of Sacra Famiglia from public foundation to private non-profit organization (1997). During those years, there was a massive building activity: indeed, in Cesano Boscone, there was the rebuilding of San Giuseppe and San Carlo nursing homes for the disabled. Unità San Luigi for the elderly and Villa Sormani community centre for the elderly were rebuilt, too. Villa Sormani was realised thanks to Fondazione Cenci Gallingani Onlus. During the early 2000s, new facilities were opened, among which there were five homes for the elderly and one for the disabled. In Settimo Milanese, Buccinasco and Albairate there was the creation of assisted living facilities for the disabled. In 2008, there was the opening of the Settimo Milanese branch, which receives the disabled and the elderly. In 2009, the town of Inzago saw the inauguration of a facility for people with degenerative diseases and posttraumatic disabling diseases.

In most recent years, the president was Father Vincenzo Barbante (from 2011 to February 2017), followed by the present president Father Marco Bove. Sacra Famiglia services were then extended to new territories: a hospice was built in Inzago (2013) and the foundation began to manage protected homes for the elderly in Castronno and services for minors in Varese (2014). In Cesano Boscone, there was the restoration of San Riccardo nursing home, which receives people with behavioural disorders, and that of Santa Chiara and San Francesco community centres for the disabled. The theatre was then reopened to public. In Verbania the restoration of Santa Maria Bambina nursing home was concluded. In answer to the local needs, the branches in Cesano Boscone, Verbania and Lecco started projects to welcome refugees and asylum seekers. After more than 120 years, “Super Omnia Charitas” idea still leads the foundation. As for Father Domenico Pogliani, the beatification process has begun.

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