Updating of the mission

Going over the Fondazione’s Mission has led the organization to this question: “What is the meaning of our institution in the present context?” In 2013 the Fondazione’s Mission has been confirmed as a «Healing Mission». It always needs to be up-to-date by reading the transforming needs of the territories where the Fondazione works. It also has a vision constantly oriented towards the 4 actors involved in care: the guests, families, collaborators and volunteers.

On this model, the Strategic Plan 2013 – 2018 has been realised and a change path has started. Such a change can be summed up by the change of the institutional slogan: once it was “We look after the disabled”, now it is “The family helping families”.

Updating the Mission has become the guide to realise the Strategic Plan itself. It has found the actions to perform. Such actions have a double goal: reaching financial economic sustainability, by valorising the service quality, and answering new needs coming from the changing social environment where the Fondazione works.

Working with projects

Paying attention to quality, we ask questions not only about what we do every day, but also about the reasons and the meaning of our interventions. Asking questions about such major aspects has generated an evolution of the working method. It has also led to a shared planning of change through communication, listening and sharing different professional skills.

In 2013 a working method concerning more and more projects has been developed: it starts from reading needs to give efficient and effective answers. This method pays attention to the operational process, not only to the achieved results. It verifies repeatedly the results of planning, even the negative and the unexpected ones, in order to intervene with the most adapt ways to fix the path. The project is built by defining the expected goals, results (output), changes (outcome) in four areas: the technical and methodological one, the economic one, the social one and the organizational one.

Projects have been directed on 5 specific points, which can be summed up like this:

Every point is based on clear reasons and goals:


Fondazione Sacra Famiglia provides daily services to hundreds of frail people. We aim at doing that always to our best: therefore, we watch the needs of the territories where we work to create innovative services that can answer the changing needs rising from a constantly changing society.


The buildings of Sacra Famiglia have been built since 1896 to gradually answer the growing needs of hospitality and care. Today, many structures need a renovation in order to improve the life quality of our guests and the working conditions of our workers. They also need a renovation so that we can have more sustainable and efficient buildings. In 2012, Fondazione has started a project to adjust our buildings: it has led to the realisation of interventions that cost about 15 million Euros.


Fondazione puts resources to improve the quality of its own structures. The goals of such interventions are cost savings; improving the life quality of our guest and the working conditions of our collaborators; producing positive effects on the environment.


Sacra Famiglia involves the staff (executive board, middle management, operational roles) during the process of change. They guide and support the process with organizational interventions that have the goal to improve welfare and care processes.


Fundraising is a mean to support the renovation path that Fondazione is walking. At the beginning of the strategic plan, we approved a fund-raising plan with the goal to introduce our activities and promote a culture open to gift, in a shared path and with transparent reporting.


The path started with the Mission update and the Strategic Plan launch allowed us to begin many working paths. They led the organization to work on projects. If we count only the most important ones (as for value, impact, innovation, development, etc.), we see that we have started 122 projects, among which 80 are directly attributable to the Strategic Plan expectations.

Development points Started projects Completed projects

Increase of the offer area/

Strengthening relationships with the territory

49 35
Answering bonds of structural adequacy 24 16
Efficiency and quality increase 14 10
Review of the organizational arrangement 22 19
Increase of incomes from fundraising 13 5
Total 122 85


Altogether, these projects witness a remarkable vigour of Fondazione. Such a vigour allowed Fondazione to get back on a sustainability path: it can be seen by the increase of incomes coming from activities directly linked to the implementation of the Strategic Plan itself.

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