“Passions can be spread and talents can be found…”

A collaborator of Fondazione Sacra Famiglia in the branch of Inzago, Paolo De Gregorio, is a professional educator, but in his free time, he’s passionate about acting. Therefore, he decided to submit theatre to the guests, as for the educational activities structured for them.

In this way, during the winter of 2015, the idea of “Gli SCARROZZATI” was born.

The protagonists of the company are 10 disabled people who want to put themselves on the line and to have fun under a common denominator: the illnesses they suffer from have caused them motor limitations forcing them on a wheelchair. However, they have decided to find the humour in their condition, starting from the name they have chosen for the company, “Gli Scarrozzati”.

The artistic debut, with the first represented show, was in February 2016. The show, under the title “Mi girano le ruote”, was a detective and comic story, and Claudio Batta (comic actor in theatre, but the Italian public know him for TV shows like “Zelig” and “Belli dentro”) and Paolo De Gregorio, authors of the text, supported the company.

So began the adventure, with some encore performances in the theatre of Fondazione in Cesano Boscone, and from there it continues.

New protagonists have added and more and more collaborators of Fondazione are involved: relatives, volunteers, social and health staff and social welfare staff working in the branch.

The kind of shows is getting different, too: not only do the actors play on stage, but also they make videos allowing greater involvement and participation from those people that don’t want to feel “stage fright”.


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